The XLE project began in October of 1993 and was originally a joint project between the NLTT group at PARC and the MLTT group in Grenoble. It evolved from the Grammar Writer's Workbench, which was implemented by Ron Kaplan and John Maxwell. John Maxwell was the technical lead for XLE and also designed the algorithms and implemented the user interface. Hadar Shemtov did the initial implementation of the parser and generator, and Max Copperman wrote the LFG formalism parser and the bracketing tool. Paula Newman wrote the morphology and lexicon components and also worked on the generator. Andreas Eisele implemented complex categories and parameterized rules. Martin Kay wrote a prototype system for doing transfer in Prolog. Dick Crouch rewrote the transfer system and is also responsible for the rest of the Prolog subsystem. Alex Vasserman wrote the code for stochastic disambiguation under the supervision of Stefan Riezler. Ron Kaplan and Annie Zaenen provided managerial support. XLE makes heavy use of the c-fsm package for processing the morphology, which was written in C by Lauri Karttunen and others in Grenoble based on work done by Ron Kaplan in Interlisp.