International Lexical Functional Grammar Association


The International Lexical Functional Grammar Association, ILFGA for short, is the official organization for those interested in Lexical-Functional Grammar and related topics. For more information, consult the LFG Homepage or our social media pages.

How to Donate

Donations are accepted at the annual conference in local currency and US dollars.
If you wish to donate at other times, please contact the treasurer.
ILFGA is a 501(3)c organization, i.e. a nonprofit, and as such donations are tax deductible in the US (and perhaps elsewhere; if you are not in the US, check your home country for tax status). A receipt will be issued for each donation.

Rules of the Association:

Members of the Association can be elected for office in the Association, vote in elections, and participate in the Annual Business Meeting, held at the Annual Conference, as outlined in the Constitution.

Joining the Association:
To join the ILFGA mailing list go to and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. By joining the email list, you will become a member of ILFGA.

Communicating with the Association:
To communicate with the Association, send mail to the Secretary-Treasurer.

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