LFG Systems

  • The Xerox Linguistic Environment (XLE). XLE consists of algorithms for parsing and generating large LFG grammars along with a rich graphical user interface for writing and debugging such grammars. The system is maintained and hosted at the University of Konstanz.

The following are publicly available implementations (in some sense) of LFG. The ordering is random:

  • The Xerox Grammar Writer's Workbench
  • Avery Andrews's systems: Baby Glue, lfgw, lfg-pc
  • The geta_run system, developed by Rodolfo Delmonte (Universita' Ca' Foscari, VENEZIA) and Dario Bianchi (University of Parma), provides a web interface to a system that produces LFG-style F-Structures.
  • GFU-LAB is a Prolog implementation by Juan C. Ruiz-Anton. It uses SWI-Prolog, and should run under Linux and/or Windows.
  • XLFG is a parser prototype which implements the LFG formalism, developed by Lionel Clément. It is distributed as free software.
  • It is not really a system, as such, but the INESS website provides tree banks for various languages, including LFG style ones developed in the Pargram project (see under development efforts, and here.
  • The ALE system integrates phrase structure parsing, semantic-head-driven generation and constraint logic programming with typed feature structures as terms; ''with suitable coding, it can also execute several aspects of Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG).''

LFG Bibliography

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LFG Bibliography is a comprehensive bibliography of published and unpublished works written in the framework of Lexical Functional Grammar, originally compiled by Peter Austin and Mary Dalrymple, with assistance from Joan Bresnan and Trudy Vizmanos. Avery Andrews maintained the Bibliography until 2002, Miriam Butt until 2007, and Aoife Cahill until 2010. Please send corrections and additions to the current maintainer, Meladel Mistica of the Australian National University.
Last Updated: October, 2014
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Iness XLE Web-Interface:
A a web-based tool for parsing with LFG grammars.

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