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LFG Conference 2022!

The 27th International LFG Conference in Groningen
Date: July 12-14 2022!
More information: Homepage

LFG Conference 2021!

The 26th International LFG Conference - Online
Date: July 13-16 2021!
More information: Homepage

New Publication:

The Oxford Reference Guide to Lexical Functional Grammar
Authors: Mary Dalrymple, University of Oxford | John J. Lowe, University of Oxford | Louise Mycock, University of Oxford
Date of Publication: October 2019

LFG Conference 2020 - Online!

The 25th International LFG Conference to be held online
Date: June, 23-26
Registration: free
Conference Website:

New Publication:

Lexical-Functional Grammar - An introduction
Authors: Kersti Börjars, University of Manchester | Rachel Nordlinger, University of Melbourne | Louisa Sadler, University of Essex
Date of Publication: June 2019