Nicole Dehé, Ray Jackendoff, Andrew McIntyre and Silke Urban (eds.; 2002)
Verb-Particle Explorations
(= Interface Explorations 1)

Berlin / New York: Mouton de Gruyter.
The contributions in this book are a representative cross-section of recent research on verb-particle constructions. The syntactic, semantic, morphological and psycholinguistic phenomena associated with the constructions in English, Dutch, German and Swedish are analysed from various different theoretical viewpoints.
Contributions (in the order of appearance):

Nicole Dehé, Ray Jackendoff, Andrew McIntyre and Silke Urban: Introduction
Geert Booij: Separable complex verbs in Dutch: A case of periphrastic word formation
Bert Cappelle : And up it rises: Particle preposing in English
Ray Jackendoff : English particle constructions, the lexicon, and the autonomy of syntax
Andrew McIntyre : Idiosyncrasy in particle verbs
Stefan Müller : Syntax or morphology: German particle verbs revisited
Ad Neeleman: Particle placement
Fabrice Nicol : Extended VP-shells and the verb-particle construction
Ida Toivonen: Swedish particles and syntactic projection
Jaap van Marle : Dutch separable compound verbs: Words rather than phrases?
Jochen Zeller : Particle verbs are heads and phrases
Stefan Gries: The influence of processing on syntactic variation: Particle placement in English
Dieter Hillert and Farrell Ackerman : Accessing and parsing phrasal predicates
Anke Lüdeling and Nivja de Jong : German particle verbs and word formation
Silke Urban: Parsing verb particle constructions: An approach based on event-related potentials (ERP)

Verb-Particle Explorations