My name is Christin Schätzle and I'm a postdoctoral researcher in the working group of Miriam Butt at the linguistics department of the University of Konstanz. My research focuses on the development of computational and corpus linguistic methods for the investigation of historical language change in Germanic and other Indo-European languages. From a theoretical linguistic perspective, I am particularly interested in the historical trade-off between case marking and word order with respect to marking grammatical relations in Germanic. Moreover, I am part of a collaboration with experts from the field of Visual Analytics in which we develop novel and innovative visualization methods for the analysis of multidimensional and complex language data.

I recently completed my doctoral studies in linguistics at the University of Konstanz with a dissertation on "Dative Subjects: Historical Change Visualized". In the dissertation, I investigate the historical development of dative subjects in Icelandic using visual analytic methods in order to provide a window of understanding of the complex interrelation between case marking, word order, lexical semantics and grammatical relations in the language.

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