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Maribel Romero, Dr. phil., Professorin

Selected Papers and Talks

Romero, Maribel and Regine Eckardt. 2018. "Sein oder Nichtsein? Alternativfragen und ihre Fallen", presentation at the Long Night of Science. University of Konstanz, June 23, 2018. Slides.

Romero, Maribel. 2018. "Was wir tun, wenn wir eine Frage stellen", invited presentation at the lecture series Treffpunkt Sprache. Humboldt University Berlin, January 23, 2018. Slides.

Romero, Maribel. 2017. "Tense and Mood in Counterfactual Conditionals: The View from Spanish", in A. Cremens, T. van Gessel & F. Roelofsen (eds.), Proceedings of the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium. Pp. 375-384. Paper and final handout.

Romero, Maribel. 2017. "German discourse particles in questions", invited talk at the workshop Inquisitiveness Below and Beyond the Sentence Boundary (InqBnB2). University of Amsterdam, December 18-19, 2017. Handout.

Romero, Maribel, Anja Arnhold, Bettina Braun and Filippo Domaneschi. 2017. "Negative Polar Question Types in English", in A. Lamont & K. Tetzloff (eds.), Proceedings of the North East Linguistic Society 47, vol. 3. Pp. 35-48. Amherst, MA: GLSA

Romero, Maribel. 2016. "Strong Exhaustivity, Alternative Questions and Monotonicity: Some thoughts on Cremers and Chemla (2016)", handout at the xprag.de workshop Disjunction Days (ZAS, June 2-3, 2016).

Walker, Andreas and Maribel Romero. 2016. "High and low readings in indicative donkeys", in N. Bade, P. Berezovskaya & A. Schöller (eds.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20. Pp. 761-778.

Romero, Maribel. 2015. "The conservativity of 'many'", in T. Brochhagen, F. Roelofsen & N. Theiler (eds.), Proceedings of the 20th Amsterdam Colloquium, pp. 20-29. Paper and final handout.

Romero, Maribel. 2015. "POS, -est and reverse readings of many and most", handout at NELS 46 (October 16-18, 2015) and pre-final version of the paper in Proceedings of NELS 46.

Walker, Andreas and Maribel Romero. 2015. "Counterfactual donkey sentences: A strict conditional analysis", in S. D'Antonio, M. Morroney and C.R. Little (eds.), Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 25. ISSN: 2163-5951. Pp. 288?307.

Romero, Maribel. 2014. "Fake Tense in Counterfactuals: A Temporal Remoteness Approach", in Luka Crnic and Uli Sauerland, eds., The Arts and Craft of Semantics: A Festschrift for Irene Heim, vol. 2, MITWPL 71, pp. 47-63.

Romero, Maribel. 2015. "High Negation in Subjunctive Conditionals and Polar Questions", in Eva Csipak and Hedde Zeijlstra (eds.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 19. Pp. 519-536.

Romero, Maribel. 2013. "Modal Superlatives: A Compositional Analysis", Natural Language Semantics 21.1, pp. 79-110. Pre-print version.

Romero, Maribel. 2011. "Modal Superlatives and 2-Place vs. 3-Place -est", The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Language and Communication 6, pp. 1-39. Pre-print version. Please read the pre-print version! The published version has mismatches between examples and syntactic trees.

Romero, Maribel. 2010. "Alternative-based semantics combined with movement: the role of presupposition", talk at the Worshop on Alternative-Based Semantics, University of Nantes (France). October 29-30, 2010.

Romero, Maribel. 2010, "Decomposing Modal Superlatives", talk at the North East Linguistic Society 41, University of Pennsylvania. October 22-24, 2010.

Romero, Maribel. 2010. "Concealed Questions with Quantifiers", in M. Aloni et al. (Eds.): Logic, Language and Meaning, pp. 21-31. Springer. Pre-final version.

Novel, Marc and Maribel Romero. 2010. "Movement, Variables and Hamblin Semantics", in M. Prinzhorn, V. Schmitt and S. Zobel (Eds.), Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 14, pp.322-338. University of Vienna.

Romero, Maribel. 2009. "Concealed Questions with Quantifiers", talk at the Workshop on Noun Phrases in Intensional Contexts, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. June 5-7, 2009.

Romero, Maribel. 2008. "The temperature paradox and temporal interpretation", Linguistic Inquiry 39.4, pp. 655-667. Pre-final version.

Kallmeyer, Laura and Maribel Romero. 2008. "Scope and Situation Binding in LTAG using Semantic Unification", Research on Language and Computation 6.1, pp. 3-52. Pre-final version.

Romero, Maribel 2007."On Concealed Questions".in M. Gibson and J. Howell (Eds.) Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory XVI. pp. 208-227 Ithaca, NY: CLC.

Romero, Maribel. 2006. "Biased Yes/No Questions: The Role of VERUM", Sprache und Datenverarbeitung 30, pp. 9-24. Pre-final version.

Romero, Maribel. 2005. "Concealed Questions and Specificational Subjects", Linguistics and Philosophy 28.6, pp. 687-737. Pre-final version.

Han, Chung-Hye and Maribel Romero. 2004. "Disjunction, Focus, and Scope", Linguistic Inquiry 35.2, pp. 179-217. Pre-final version.

Romero, Maribel and Chung-Hye Han. 2004. "On Negative Yes/No Questions", Linguistics and Philosophy 27.5, pp. 609-658. Pre-final version.

Han, Chung-Hye and Maribel Romero. 2004. "The Syntax of Whether/Q...Or Questions: Ellipsis Combined with Movement", Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 22.3, pp. 527-564. Pre-final version.

Romero, Maribel. 2004."Intensional Noun Phrases with know and be", Catalan Journal of Linguistics 3, pp.147-178. Pre-final version.

Romero, Maribel. 2003. "Correlate restriction and definiteness effect in ellipsis". In Kerstin Schwabe & Susanne Winkler (eds.), The interfaces: Deriving and interpreting omitted structures, 263-300. Amsterdam: Benjamins. (Copy available upon request)

Romero, Maribel. 2000. Antecedentless sluiced wh-phrases and islands. In Kerstin Schwabe & Ning Zhang (eds.), Ellipsis in conjunction, 195-220. Tübingen: Niemeyer.(Copy available upon request)

Romero, Maribel. 1997."A problem for choice functions: Local presupposition contexts". In Paul Dekker, Martin Stokhof & Yde Venema (eds.), Proceedings of the Eleventh Amsterdam Colloquium, 259-264. Amsterdam: ILLC/Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam.

Romero, Maribel. 1997. Recoverability conditions for sluicing. In Francis Corblin, Daničle Godard & Jean-Marie Marandin (eds.), Empirical issues in formal syntax and semantics: Selected papers from the Colloque de Syntaxe et de Semantique de Paris, 193-216. New York: Peter Lang. (Copy available upon request)


Romero, Maribel. 1998. Focus and Reconstruction Effects in Wh-Phrases. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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