Welcome to my homepage!

I am a Phd candidate at the Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz, Germany.
I believe that exploring the interaction between different modules of language is the key to unraveling the complex process of linguistic communication. My work is concerned with the prosody-syntax-pragmatics interface. I am particularly interested in the prosodic realization of focus (question particles, focus particles) and its interaction with word order. Recently I have been interested in psycholinguistics and am working on the production and perception of acoustic correlates of focus in Urdu/Hindi with Bettina Braun.

In 2017, I co-organized a workshop on the interface of prosody and meaning (PaM). The workshop webpage may be accessed here.

Miriam Butt and I organized the 34th South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA-34) in June 2018. You can access the conference webpage here.